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I wish you an Happy New Year

I wish you a happy new year and a lot of happiness. Saturday I celebrated the beginning of this  2017 new year. To be honest I didn't have time to make my makeup. So this year I just did my glowy glittery makeup by using the eyeshadow color Lost of my Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV palette. In one of my posts I talked about my resolutions for this year so I decided to answer a few questions.

What are my top 5 resolutions for this year.

1. Drinking more water. (Well this year I want to work on my healthy)
2. Using only appropriate beauty products for my skin.
3. Working a lot to get what I want ( I want to work a lot for my goals en be 100% in everything I do )
4. Discovering ( I love to learn new things in 2016 I learned a lot of things, so I hope the same for 2017)
5. Be happy

I hope the same to you, a new year is started, dont't forget your dreams and work on it to make them true. Have a nice day.


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