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I don't have so much time to post this week . Here's so beautiful there are so many things to do. Here are things I've done during my two days in Singapore. Today I went to the zoo. Singapore has one of the most beautiful zoo. Tomorrow I'm going back for the night safari.

Saturday I was a bit tired and jetlagged, so I did cozy things like walking around. And I went to the aquarium. It was fun to see all the fish species.

Sunday I went to the Universals Studios Singapore. It was just so crazy and I had a lot of fun there. This park is so big. But I was lucky to have an express pass. So I didn't lose any time and I was able to almost avery attractions.

For dinner I went to Jumbo Seafood on the east coast. One of the best restaurant to eat crab. It was delicious.

Then I'm going back to my hotel. And enjoyed this amazing view of Singapore by night.

I decided to go swimming in the pool on the 51th floor of my hotel Marina Bay Sands hotel. To more enjoy of this wonderful view.

This was my kind of day when I'm in Singapore. -M-

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