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Hello my Ladies, today we're going to talk about nails and innovation.  I found something to make life easier. This what we call innovation. Tweexy is a wearable nail polish bottle holder. So now finish with every problem we can have by applying our polish, like spills, shaky hands and their inability to get to the bottom of the bottle. Liz and Mark, the inventors of Tweexy, have the idea to make a great nail polish holder out there, one that was small, soft, comfortable, easy to use, fashionable, colorful and most important… wearable and mobile. How to use Tweexy, well it's easy.  If your nails are wet, use the squeeze tabs to place Tweexy on your fingers. You can put your polish in Tweexy first or insert your bottle once Tweexy is on your hand. Press down to loosen cap (you may wish to slightly loosen before you insert bottle). Now you’re ready to polish anywhere. To remove, simply pull up then switch hands. I posted a video to show you.


Tweexy    H E R E


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