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Learn more about my Fall beauty secrets

Now it's fall again, time to change, some things, and try new beauty products. I use products that nourish the skin, cold makes it more sensitive. Since I had last week ​an allergic reaction, I try to use organic beauty products to be sure, I have a very sensitive skin on my face, and I react quickly to some products. I' ve heard good things about black soap , this soap is rich in vitamin E, moisturizing, exfoliating the skin. Now I'am using this everyday, and I love it so much. It gives me everything that my skin need. The soap is also good if you have an extremely dry skin. Twice a week , I do a body scrub made ​​from sea salt. This foamy body scrub is really easy to apply. To moisturize my skin I use this argan body lotion, that I so much love.


Treets shower gel  H E R E
Treets sal scrub  H E R E
Inecto body lotion  H E R E


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