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Delicious avocado salad with pumpkin seeds

' I love avocado as I love guacamole. This week I was preparing avocado salad with pumpkin seeds. Veggie meal. I would not say that I am completely vegetarian but I love eating meatless dishes. Just because I love salads. '



Looking for the perfect apartment today
Today was a crazy day. I am currently looking for the perfect apartment and then moving to Brussels. I just can't wait to start the interior decoration and make it a cozy place. And most of all. Finally living downtown to be able to work out my blog. Then my mother and me went to eat a salad at the Sablon. I love this area there are beautiful shops.  I hope you had a nice day.



My new Gucci bag

First days of spring are already started. I'm happy because it's my favorite season. I'm only still waiting for the sun and be able to wear spring summer outfits. During this spring it's all about 70s and 80s style. For this season we just want lightness as beauty trends, like with nude and bronze eyes and candy colored lips. Can't wait to start this new season.



Back to voluminous hair  l'Oreal elvive extraordinary oil  and  Babyliss Pro Porcelain Conical Wand

I was supposed to make a kind of messy hair look, but I went accidentally for a voluminous wavy hair look. That's a good thing about it because after a few days I will have my messy hair look. How more your curls are how long your hair will stay curly. This what I like with this curling iron from Babyliss. If you're looking for voluminous curly hair or simply a loose wavy hair. You can create different kind of hairstyles. It depends how thick and the quantity of hair you will take to create your curls. In my case I've been using small sections this why I created this voluminous hairstyle. I curled my hair from inside. As finish  touch I use my L'oreal hair oil to bring shine and hydrated my hair.

How to create this look

1. Start by using a little bit of L'oreal oil on your hair, especially if you have dry hair.

2.  Take small sections of your and curl them from inside to create a voluminous look.

3.  Comb your hair with your fingers for a natural look.

4. Finish by applying your L'oreal oil to bring shine and hydrated my hair.



Hi everyone, today I would like to talk about what I'm doing when I'm in Paris. There are a lot of things to do, but the reason why I like to be here, it's that I can go to the theater, I know French is my mother language so it's for me easy to understand. But I like also French food and my favorite thing is sitting on a terrace and enjoying of the Parisian atmosphere.
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