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Hello beauties, I'm back in Belgium and it feels good to be home. All week I filmed my trip to Israel and Palestine. It has been unforgettable moments and I am so happy to share this with you. Don't forget to subscribes to my my Youtube channel. HERE I'll post more about beauty and vlogs in the future.



Palestine with love

Goodmorning today I'm flying back to Belgium. Yesterday I visited the country of Palestine. A country full of culture. I was able to see the graffiti of the famous graphic designer Bansky. I love it ! What's funny is that nobody knows his face because he always wears a mask. But I love his work so much. Palestine is a country full of love and freedom I am happy to have visited this beautiful country.



The wall of Jerusalem
Visiting Jerusalem was very emotional for me. It has always been a destination that I had to visit in my life. And since my cousin passed away visiting this city really touched my feelings. Because he had to visit this town. He used to tell me that it was his greatest dream to come here. I wish I had more time to visit this town. Next time I'll visit this town with a guide I think.


Location: Eilat Israel

Dress:  Zara,   Bag: Christian Dior,   Shoes:  Jimmy Choo

This is the outfit I wore on my last day in Eilat. I am now in Jerusalem. Today I spent a beautiful day I'm exited to show you my post and videos in my vlog. Tonight the planning was to go out for a drink but honestly I am so tired. I visited the old city of Jerusalem and I went to Palestine. I still can't believe it! It was a long day I think I'm going to stay in my hotel room and work on my blog. Tomorrow I'm going back to Belgium and my schedule will be full for the next few days so I'm going to work tonight to be ok with my schedule.




Location: Eilat Israel

Bikini : Calzedonia  HERE   Sunglasses : Chanel   HERE

Hello Today it is time to restart the road to Jerusalem. I stay there for 2 days and then I leave on Monday to Belgium back. All week I filmed my stay and I'm really exited to show you everything  on my next vlog. Many of you have asked me on Instagram where this bikini comeS from. I bought this from Calzedonia see link. Now I'm going to pack my suitcase and then 4 hours drive before arriving in Jerusalem.

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